My home page is not safe but subdomains has the certificate

my web site is:
if you visit the page you can see the main page has no certificate and the others pages have… when i surf on cpanel i realized that warning that following image. what can i do? thank you from now… best…Ekran Alıntısı

Two different issues.

For the users there is a mixed content issue, where you are loading not secure resources on the website.
That error you are showing, on the other hand, is a problem between Cloudflare and the server. You should make sure you have a certificate on the server (ideally a valid one, either Let’s Encrypt/other commercial CA or one of the free Origin ones from Cloudflare) to set the TLS setting to Full (Strict).

when i set the TSL as full or flexible (i mean anything different from full) site is not reachable. how can i understand that there is a certificate on my web page? can you help me please?

There is a certificate on the server then, given that Full works (which requires a certificate).

The certificate isn’t valid (it would not work in a browser).

so? what should i do to add “safe” text to main page? if its work on main page there is no other problem i just want to do it

At least fix the mixed content issues (search online for mixed content and you’ll see tons of resources tailored more specifically to your server configuration).

The second step which is recommended would be to install a valid certificate on the origin. You either install a let’s encrypt or similar cert or use one of the free origin ones that cloudflare provides in the dashboard.

i got it, there is a problem on my chrome browser, when i visit my page with edge or explorer there is no security problem, so certificate works for now i think, can you check one more time please? if you see any problem you can told me :slight_smile: thank you for everything… best