My home page breaks with a Cache Plugin + Cloudflare

Hi, I am facing an issue in my site. Whenever I install a Caché Plugin on it, and enable it to “communicate” with Cloudflare, my home page site breaks (not when I land for the first time, but when I want to go back to the home page after navigating in other pages of the site). After navigating, when I want to go back to Home Page, it remains in an infinite load (it only loads the Header Menu and the Footer, but not the content, you can check in

I have tried with WP Total Caché, WP Fastest Cache, Hummingbird and currently I have W3 Cache (which I installed following this settings: I don’t know why this is happening and how I can solve it. I have searched in all the blogs, communities, formus, etc. and I couldn’t find a solution.

Could you help me? Thank you!

I’m not able to replicate this. Are you still using a caching plugin?

The only thing I notice is that clicking around pages doesn’t cause a browser reload for the new URL. This is new to me.

Hi, @sdayman! I have disabled the plugin because it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t make mi site work and I rather have it working slow than not working at all.

About the other thing, could you clarify what you meant? I been browsing around pages and the URL changes for each page. Sorry, I maybe I didn’t understand what you’ve meant.

Thank you for your answer!

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