My Gsuite not recieving other type of emails

I recently changed my domain nameservers to cloudflare to get the free SSL. In the DNS tab, i’ve added all the MX records required to point my Gsuite to Cloudflare. I also did a test email with my other personal account and it’s receiving and sending emails fine. BUT I am not receiving other types of email, mainly Job alerts email and it’s not in my spam folder either.

Please help. Receiving job alerts is important for my business. Thanks

You didn’t post your domain name, so we can’t troubleshoot. But here’s a guide:

Hi there, thanks for the quick response. Here’s my domain name -
Heres the DNS records set up (see file attached) -

If you’re using Gsuite for mail, then the following DNS entries no longer apply:
mail, imap, pop3, smtp, webmail, and quite likely the TXT records for DKIM and SPF.

I suggest you note down their values before deleting them.

Your MX records look correct for Gsuite. And I think that’s about it.

How recently did you make the change? If you try (your domain), it should check your old mailbox, and maybe the mail is there. It sometimes takes a couple of days for DNS to fully propagate.

Okay should i delete the other records? or no need? will it make a difference?

I only changed it yesterday. I’d say its been 24 hours from now. With the “ (your domain)”, what do i do with this? Add it to DNS tab?

Deleting the old records won’t make a difference for inbound mail, but it would be a good idea to do so once this issue is sorted out.

Try webmail in your browser. I expect it will go to your old mailbox and see if any of the new messages ended up there.

Im getting this error when visiting -

Set the webmail DNS entry to :grey: by clicking on the :orange:. And then wait 5 minutes. That should stop the redirects.

It was able to take me to the login page. I tried to login with my domain email and password and it’s saying incorrect. I’m using the same login details i use to login to Gsuite.

Also forgot to mention - I recently migrated the domain to another Registrar, does that matter?

Registrar doesn’t matter. But I expect your hosting is the same. The webmail login should be what you used to use when checking your mail before you switched to Gsuite. If you still have cPanel access, give that a try, as cPanel often lets you auto-login to webmail of any mailbox.

I dont have the access to the previous cpanel for this domain. When I type in - the browser, it’s taking me to the new hosting cpanel and the domain email: [email protected] isnt on the “email accounts” tab

So it sounds like you changed hosting as well, which means the old mail server doesn’t exist.

As I said, your MX records look correct, so incoming mail should be good. As it’s been only 24 hours, it may take another 24 before it’s completely settled.

If you can contact the Job Alerts service, maybe they can see where those messages are going.

Okay thanks, I’ll keep you posted.

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Im finally receiving those job alerts after 48 hours. But now i cant receive emails from my Wordpress form…any idea why i’m not receiving emails?

Hi It’s all good now! Just did some research and added this on the receiving email field of my wordpress contact form - [email protected].

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