My fixed company IP got banned ( I think worldwide )

Hi, we managed to boot an infected computer (of a customer) in our own network. (stupid I know).
It spammed worldwide email for a couple of hours via our fixed IP.
We got banned. Changing our IP is not possible. A lot of firewalls of customers only allow our current fixed IP. for remote administration.
We are banned for more than a day now and it’s ■■■■.
We are sure we are not sending out any bad email anymore.
How long will it take to get back in business with our IP?

Please help? Will the ban expire?
Our IP : {redacted}

For e.g. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5b1be288aaf8f951


Danny {redacted}

Banned from what? Post a screenshot.

We cannot access all lot of websites.
Also download teamviewer e.g. needs inserting captcha

Community Tip - Best Practices For Captcha Challenges is applicable here.

Your address is also listed at You will simply have to wait until the address clears again. Until then follow the recommendations in the article.


Any idea how long it takes: a couple of days, weeks, months, years?

I’d assume between days and weeks.

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