My firewall IP being blocked by rate limited by CF

I use Joomla and when i work i work hard with 24hr shifts with lots of coffee so me making 25.000 requests in a few hours writing articles through joomla is no big deal. I’m new to cloudflare and keep getting hit with error 1015 “You are being rate limited” I have repeatedly tried to use the firewall through cloudflare to allow my ip exempt status but no matter what i try it keeps me on the rate limited status. I can see my ip through the firewall but cannot change it, it lets me change options (sure) but when i do little effect happens

It’ll keep my ip on “rate limiting” no matter what option i change in the firewall

Was this happening when you were navigating through Cloudflare dashboard?

No, just my backend admin joomla section seems to be the major hurdle

I believe you don’t have Rate Limiting configured in Cloudflare, right?


I keep getting banned from my own site while doing minimal work in my admin section of my joomla website, i keep getting banned from my own website and rate limited by cloudflare. I’ve tried to use the firewall to allow my ip and i tried the firewall to allow my country (uk) neither works, it’ll ban me regardless what i change in the firewall.
I can’t be the only person having this stupid problem


  • Error 1015 You are being rate limited


If i’m not mistaken I think you’ll also need to add a Firewall rule to specifically bypass rate limiting, like so:

tried that many times it make no difference, doing minimal changes in my admin Joomla section of my website will reports 20.000 requests while editing just a few articles. I have a somewhat light Joomla installation yet Cloudflares firewall will report 20.000 requests doing very minimal article editing.

Do you have a Worker deployed? There are various rate limits on the free plan which would result in a 1015/429 error code.

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I don’t know what a worker is, i only joined cloudflare a few days ago and keep getting plagued with errors on my admin sections of Joomla

I edited a joomla article with two paragraphs and Cloudflares firewall reported 6 thousand requests. My joomla website isn’t heavy and i edited a single article and cloudflares Firewall is reporting the sky is falling

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