My emails stopped coming

Next to my MX I have a yellow triangle saying that this record exposes the IP behind mail… which you have proxied through Cloudflare. What do i do because my emails stopped coming.
Any input will be much appreciated

It’s normal to get that warning if your host email on the same server as your website. That warning is not related to not getting email. Some other record is probably set to :orange: when it should be set to :grey:.

i watched the video and checked that I have the A and the MX with the only difference that A was proxied so I changed it to DNS ONLY. Other than that everything else is exactly as the video says. But I still cant get my emails to come to my apple device. When I type all the right credentials then it starts verification then I get a notification that says cannot connect using SSL. I think I will be needing that extra help please.
Thank you

You haven’t posted your domain name, but the error you described makes it sound like the mail server doesn’t have an SSL/TLS certificate. Since you’re connecting to a :grey: hostname, this is a direct connection to your host and you’d need to contact your host to clear this up.

my domain name is I contacted my host and they said I should speak with cloudflare.
I would appreciate any input on this.

It looks like your website hostname ( is set to :grey:, but whatever your MX record points to is set to :orange:. It should be the opposite for both.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS screen here? It’s ok to black out the IP addresses for security.

Ah. A few things to do:

  1. Make the “A” record for Proxied (:orange:)
  2. Delete the “mail” CNAME record
  3. Add an “A” record for ‘mail’ and use the IP address of the hamamsquare server. Set it to :grey:

Now next to the A record I created there is a yellow triangle that says this record exposes the IP address.


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