My emails dosen't work


I recently(2 days ago) changed my nameservers from bluehost to Cloudflare and my emails don’t work any more. I contact their support, and they told me to check 2 of my DNS records:

which, as far they told me, the values are correct.
The problem seems to be here:
This is the result for my MX DNS check(check here entire page)

Do you guys have any idea what am I doing wrong?

You should be able to receive emails fine, however it might be a problem to send them or fetch them from your mail server if you are using the same “mail” record in your email client. You’d need to switch that record to :grey: to fix that, but be aware that this will reveal your IP address, however it is already revealed through the MX record anyhow.

I change it like that:

I need to swich it only for A record? Will take some time until this will work?

It can take a couple of hours until the new value has propagated.

I checked now, and changes looks to be propagated(link here).
Do you have any idea what else could I’ve done wrong? Should I change more records to :grey: to fix?

So it still does not work?

Which hosts did you specify in your email client?

Do you mean this?

I am using Mozilla Thunderbird

In this case unproxying the “mail” record did not help. You would need to unproxy the domain itself. Of course this will bypass Cloudflare web-wise as well. If that is not an issue, simply unproxy it. Otherwise change the host in your mail client to a non-proxied record.

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