My Emails are Not Working with Outlook

My mails are not working with Microsoft outlook.

The Error Message from Outlook is: Cannot Send the Message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The Server responded: 550 Access denied.- Invalid HELO name.

I always get this error message, my host asked me to reach out to you.

Send a test email using this tool and it should provide recommendations on which records you’re missing.

I dont understand… Am trying to setup the mail on outlook. How do i send the test mail

Just done a lookup on and yes, it does resolve to Cloudflare IPs.

You should edit the DNS record in your Cloudflare dashboard with the name ‘mail’ and click the :orange: to turn it to :grey:. Your mail should then work.

Are you using an Office 365 for Business account or regular Outlook/Hotmail account? Also, It may be helpful to see a screenshot of your current Cloudflare DNS settings.

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