My emails are going to spam when sending to clients

I recently started using cloudflare. All my emails sent to clients to gmail are going to their spam. On hotmail my emails are not delivered. can anyone help with this?
Whatelse i can do to solve this?

It sounds like you’re able to send and receive email for the most part, but it’s getting flagged for some reason. Messages that end up in spam should have some indication in the full headers as to why.

I recommend this test for potential spam issues:

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Thank you, i ran the test and it gave me some issues but I am not 100% sure if i can do these steps accurately. Can you give me guidelines to resolve this?

Besides the usual rDNS/SPF/DKIM/DMARC, which must be absolutely correct, you may have a reputation problem. Google will classify e-mails as spam unless people who receive your e-mails actively marked them as “not spam”.

Outlook/Hotmail are the same, but can actually discard e-mails even they are reported as “delivered” to your e-mail server. With Microsoft you will have to enrol in their feedback loop systems, so that they know who to contact if an e-mail from you is marked as spam.

With time, if you are nice, your reputation will go up (or rather: not go down).

E-mail is very hard these days… and if you are asking here, then it may be very difficult for you to be able to actually send e-mails to 99% of the world.

Still, good luck.

PS: your rDNS gives That’s already bad enough because that’s certainly not the DNS you use. Plus is known from not caring if their users DDoS the world regularly. Before I set-up fail2ban, I have seen in my logs a million times.

I am in the process of resolving similar issue.
your hosting provider can give you SPF and DMARC and DKIM records to put on your cloudflare.
Ask for that information and enter those into your CF.
I’m hopeful this will solve same issue for me.
similar to the image.
Enter as TXT
ultimately speak to hosting provider support for that info.

to solve this

add records

spf is like so:
v=spf1 +mx +a +ip4: ~all is your domains ip.

DMARC is like so as TXT:
name: _dmarc
content: v=DMARC1; p=none;

DKIM is like so as TXT:
name: default._domainkey
content: ask your host provider

Thank you!, i was able to solve this issue somehow. I have added these values, previoulsy my emails were not delivered to hotmail/live, now they are.
but issue with gmail (email going to spam) is still there.

can you run a test with
and show the results

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