My email stopped working

Please see screen shot, my email stopped working after switching name servers to cloud flare …

Typically, the ‘mail’ hostname is an “A” record with an IP address. Ultimately, anything running SMTP/POP/IMAP needs to be set to :grey:, as Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email connections.

so based on my screen shot, I just need to change CNAME mail in cloud flare to an A record and apply the grey cloud?

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@ sdayman the tutorial is confusing me more, i build website, not configure servers or mail… my situation does not match any of the examples… Is it possible to just get specific instructions based on my screen shot?

Delete the CNAME for ‘mail’
Add an “A” record for ‘mail’ with the IP address in the other records. And make sure it’s set to :grey:

Thank you, I did that, it gives me the warning that IP is exposed should be worried?

Exposing your Origin IP address is unavoidable when you run Email and Web on the same server.

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