My email is now useless and I don't want to use GoDaddy

I am using the email beta to reroute mail to my Microsoft 365 family account.
I am doing this because MS only seems to support GoDaddy and I would rather use Cloudflare services.

My problem is my mails are now unreliable, often being caught in Spam filters etc. Even Cloudflare itself seems unable to send to the 365 account as I am trying to add a different email to the redirects yet the confirmation mail never arrives(even though the box is proven to be working).

Are there any tools for resolving what is happening to the mails? I suspect that the outgoing issue is because MS sends as on behalf of a mail address with a guid in it! Does Cloudflare have an SMTP gateway that would not hate my mails that I could use? Or any other ideas. Many thanks

I assume you begin checking the standard records like SPF, DKIM, DMARC records. If you are done with, you’re good.

Check this guide: Set up email records · Cloudflare DNS docs

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Hi Neijay,

I had, but had not quite understood. I have now added the name of the domain I use as the underlying basis of my MS setup into the SPF record. That ought to help I think.

I am assuming DKIM needs to be done by MS even though I am using this redirector? I have no way of knowing what cert they are applying when I mail out from them so I don’t think I can add to the domain here, unless you know a way?

You can add them up in the DNS field.

It is working out where they should be though because my email provider is different to where I manage my DNS and the MX records.

If you are using Cloudflare, go to the DNS option in the dashboard and hover it at the bottom. You’ll find Email security. You can configure it.