My email is blacklisted on an IP that belongs to cloudflare. How do I resolve that?

My domain

flags IP as blacklisted on two lists.

That IP belongs to Cloudflare.

How do we resolve this?

Have a read of this and other related threads here, this has been discussed quite a few times.

Thanks. But it is very technical and open ended. I’m not sure I’m any wiser.
What do I do?

In short, do nothing.

Longer answer. You asked MXToolbox to do a scan on what is effectively a random IP address, and got a matching report from them. You neither send nor receive email through Cloudflares IP addresses. No receiving mail server that I am aware of cares what the IP address of your web server is. They care about the IP address that your mail is coming from (which will not be the IP address of the website hosted at If you have issues with getting your emails into your customers inbox then this Community is the wrong place to get the help you need.

ok, thanks

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