My email does not work anymore

I switched my website over to CF. Somehow my email does not work anymore. I read on the internet that this happens because i used the domain name as mailserver. I changed it accordingly in the DNS but somehow it stil does not work

Also the txt entries are not proxied. Thats the way it was described here in some community entries. This does not work somehow

What’s not working with mail? You can’t send? Can’t receive?

Looking at DNS, it’s most likely you’re not receiving. Your MX record says ‘mail’ instead of your domain name. The way it reads, people would have to email you at [email protected]

yes i ixed that. But it is not working.Now it looks like this

I also tried to setup smpt server for outgoing emails. This also does not work anymore.

Per ufw i allowed all outgoing traffic and also incoming email port 993 for pop3 and imap. Which ports do i need to open and close?

The IP address you have for your mail server is not responding to SMTP or POP requests. SMTP is definitely Port 25. For POP and IMAP, double check. There are different ports depending on encryption. 993 is one of them and your server responds to that. Regular POP is 110.

Well that souds great. The only thing left I worry about is the open port 993 for incoming emails. I read that i need to open this port to receive emails from remote servers

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