My email does not work after moving to Cloudflare


I have a issue regarding my email on Outlook Desktop Client and my website email ( dont work after moving to Cloudfare

Are you having problems receiving email (it just doesn’t show up, or something like that?) or are you not able to check mail (error messages when you try to access your mailbox)?

Hi! Thanks for quick reply. Don’t work to send or receive mails or even connect. at least loads here, although obviously I can’t login.

But your MX records point to Cloudflare, which probably means Cloudflare is configured to forward your mail to some other address instead, assuming you signed up to Cloudflare’s free email forwarding.

You can check the current status from the e-mail panel in the dashboard, the Activity Log section might provide some clues.

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Yes. You are right. It’s forwards to a backup address. The problem it is as I cannot add my mail on any Email Desktop or mobile client app or connect on my mail website created by Roundcube Softacolous App from my CPanel. I am looking for a solution to fix this and I am not very experienced with working with Cloudflare.

That’s because it’s forwarding to that destination that you set up this setup doesn’t allow for it to be configured for webmail access it’s an email forwarding service you also will not be able to send with this configuration by default.

Update your related MX records to point back to your cPanel web hosting.

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