My email didn/t work in one domain, but in other with the same configuration, works properly

I have set the mx record and the cname record, as the manual, but didn’t work

In another domain works properly.

Both are in banahosting

Any suggestions?


Mi email dejo de funcionar al incluirlo en Cloudflare, pero otro dominio con la misma configuracion funciona sin problemas.

Segui el manual y tengo creados los registros mx y cname y ya digo en un dominio funciona pero en otro no. Recibo en gmail, que es donde los recibia antes y todos los dominios los tengo alojados en banahosting y namecheap. Hosting y dominio.

Alguna idea?


What’s not working? Is sent mail bouncing back to the sender, or are you just not getting it in your mailbox?

Can you post the domain name that’s not working?

I can’t receive any mail in my account. The domain is

You have two MX entries. One pointing to and the other to host of your domain with a 198 IP address.

Are these correct? If so I’d assume emails should arrive properly. So reiterating @sdayman’s question, is the problem you cant access your email via your mail client?

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In for example that works properly, I just have my domain in the mx. Here I fill both for try, but didn’t work. I trying to receive my emails as usual, in my gmail account. Here are the errors:

So, I could delete de mx entrie pointing to but I’m waiting to your answer.

So the problem is not receiving email but actually retrieving them?! In this case it should not be an MX issue but you simply still have outdated (or better, as of the move to Cloudflare hidden behind Cloudflare) host records wherever you try to access your mail server. You will need to change these to the actual IP address

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No, I’m not receiving any email in this domain, thats the problem.
The cloud is grey in this entries, but maybe I have set something wrong. The thing is that the system fill the domain cname and mx and I add so my hosting say is the email server. But I’m not receiving any email since I have change to Cloudflare nameservers.

So you are saying you can connect just fine to your mail server but new emails do not appear in the list?

No, Excuse me but my ugly english don’t let me explain my issue.

I have several domains in Cloudflare, all in the same hosting, banahosting, all with the same settings (aprox). don’t receive any email since I change the nameservers, but the other domains works, the other domains, not

Its not a language issue, its an issue of how you descibe it :slight_smile:

Please walk us through step-by-step. What exactly fails? Best is to post screenshots of errors.

Since I set the Cloudflare nameservers I stop receive emails.

I have my accounts in my gmail account, and in the settings I see this: the october 21st I have changed the name servers.

In my Cloudflare account I have this:

The one marked with the arrow was filled by me, the others entries was imported by the system automatically.

I hope is more clever now, if not tell me and i’ll try again.

I am afraid it is not really much more clear, but lets try with what we have :slight_smile:

  1. Why did you add that entry manually?
  2. You referred to Gmail.
    1. How do emails end up there?
    2. You read your emails solely via Gmail?
    3. Solely via the Gmail’s web interface?
  3. What were your nameservers before you switched to Cloudflare?
  1. I add that entrie for try. My hosting told me that the email server is that.
  2. Yes
    1. I set my accounts there to receive all in one place, It was working for years.
    2. Yes, just there
    3. Yes
  3. The name server from my hosting, banahosting.

Maybe if I delete this domain, and add it again change something?

My question was not how long it had worked :wink: but how emails end up there. You obviously configured something for your emails to be forwarded to Google.

Great, that is not overly helpful either though I am afraid :wink:
I was hinting at the actual nameservers and from what I could gather it seems it used to be and Is that correct?

These return exactly one MX entry which points to your naked domain, which in turn does point to

So apart from the fact that you specified two MX records pointing to the same host I would expect your setup to work. Both MX records point to the 198 address of your host. At this point I’d probably contact the host.

I don’t understand how ends up there. I fill the acount pop3 data in gmail.

Yes, that was the nameservers that I used.

About the two mx, I could delete one, but I understand you that nothing should change.

I contact with my hosting and they answer me: Stop to use Cloudflare if you have problems.

Hang on, you are downloading your emails in Gmail from your server?

In that case I would suggest changing the host.

Yes, I’m downloading from my server.

I’m thinking on it.

Alright, that probably explains it. You are using a mail client, just in the form of Gmail :wink:

Which POP3 server have you specified in Gmail?

My domain