My email box cannot download data from Cloudflare

Dear all,
recently I had an issue with my email provider. The issue was that when I wanted open any email by clicking on it nothing happened (not opened).
So I have contacted the local user support from the email provider. After many emails they could not help me and sent me to try it here because we have discovered that from some reason I can not download data (libraries) from the Cloudflare ( That is needed for appropriate work of that website. They disabled some functions of the website for my account so it works now but they do not know the reason of this issue.

More informations:

  1. The issue appeared suddenly. One day it was fine and another with this issue. I am not aware of any updates or changes from my side.

  2. On my Windows 8.1 PC it was OK and only on my Windows 10 PC (64-bit and build 1909) the issue appeared.

  3. It was not browser depending. I have tried IE and Firefox, both with same results.

  4. After trying Firefox console it showed these errors:

  5. After trying to open the link above ( I only get URL Not Found (The requested URL was not found on this server).

  6. I am not using VPN nor proxy. And my firewall blocks nothing.

Now it is not urgent for me because my email provider blocked some functions of the website for me to work it well but they recommended me to figure it out to prevent some future failures (possible on another sites too).

Thank you in advance for any kind of help.

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