My email are marked as spam

When I try to send an email from [email protected] to [email protected] or to [email protected] .com, the message from my domain email will be marked as spam on my Gmail and live emails. What’s the reason for this and is it possible to fix that?

According to Dmarcian, you don’t have a DMARC record, and something’s wrong with your DKIM record. It looks like you’ve broken the DKIM record with quotation marks in the middle.

For a more thorough email test, I use:

I made Dmarc record with this tutorial:
But it’s the same.
Also, I have DKIM, but when I try to test it this is the message: Error : We detected that your key in the DKIM record is invalid.[type]=dkim&dmarcdns[selector]=default&dmarcdns[domain]

Can you post a screenshot of your DMARC record? And the DKIM record is definitely broken. It should be one line. Get rid of the \" and make sure there are no spaces or line breaks.

Thank you for that, I fixed everything now:
But the problem is still here, messages from [email protected] are marked as spam anyway…

All my DNS record in the cloudflare:

Ah, much better now. Send an email to the Newsletter Test site I linked to above. It usually has some good insights.

Can you also take a look at the raw headers of that message that was marked as spam? It usually shows why it was flagged.

Message in the gmail: Why is this message in Spam?
The message is similar to messages that have been marked as spam in the past.

Score is perfect:

I guess that’s it then. It’s a content issue. Hopefully regular email you send out won’t go to Spam. That’s all I can tell you at this point. Try the Gmail forums for more suggestions.

Thank You for You assistance man. :slight_smile:

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