My email are going to spam. I am using Gmail, integrated with mailgun with gohighlevel. Need to update DKIM/DMARC

My email are going to SPAM.

It´s my gmail, which integrated to mailgun. And i use CRM system which is gohighlevel to send email.

They said i need to request DMARC or DKIM.

Not sure what i need to do.

May I ask how did you implemented the usage of Google email for your domain name at Cloudflare? :thinking:

Is it paid Google Workspace or Gmail in other way?

Meaning, you’re using their service to send out from Gmail? :thinking:


I am gmail, i also do have google workspace.
My domain is on godaddy, and i transferred it to cloudflare.

I am using my gmail, with mailgun. To send out bulk of email through my CRM.

But now my email are going to the spam folders, and the people at go high level said that i had to request for DKIM/DMARC. Not sure what i should do, so i changed the DMARC on the dns added a new one. But still going to spam

If I understand you correctly, you’re using Mailgun to send mass emails (from GoHighLevel CRM), and you’re asked to implement DKIM & DMARC to stop your emails from being marked as spam.

In this case, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate DKIM records from your mass mailer (Mailgun) and add these to your DNS manager (Cloudflare).

In Mailgun, go to SENDING => DOMAIN SETTINGS, select the domain in question (if you have multiple sending domains) and go to DNS RECORDS. You should see your SPF, DKIM and other DNS records here.

This is actually part of Mailgun’s setup wizard, so I’m wondering how you ended up skipping that. Can you provide your domain name so we can take a look?

For DMARC, you can use Cloudflare’s DMARC management tool: Cloudflare DMARC Management · Cloudflare DMARC Management docs


Yeah so i have acually setup everything from MAILGUN Domain setting in DNS on cloudflare for my domain.

But still email are going to SPAM.

NOTE: i have been using it for while now, but last couple of days my email or only going to SPAM.

My domain: [anthconnsulting. com]
Mailgun sending domain: support.anthconsulting. com

Seems like the domain name isn’t registered. Is there a typo error? :thinking:

Should be, correct?

I can see you’re using Google Workspace for your email.
MX records are good.
SPF DKIM and DMARC are all set.

I can see Mailgun records set.

So you’re using Mailgun service only for sending and from your sub-domain only? :thinking:

May I ask what are the results of a ?

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