My email and website need different nameservers - Help?

My email server had me go through Cloudflare because I need custom nameservers for my website, so Cloudflare assigned me nameservers to point to.

fiona.ns and hasslo.ns

However, ym website needs me to point to major.ns and dora.ns.

So I can point to one and have email work, or the other and have the website work.

WHAT ELSE can I do?

You can only point the domain to one set of name servers at a time.

What exactly are you referring to, when you say “ym website”?

It could sound like “ym website” may try to take control over your DNS, by having your domain name attached to their Cloudflare account, which could make it easier for them to help you, as they would be able to make adjustments to your set up with them.

Maybe their website gives you a control panel where you can change DNS records through them?

If you can access the current DNS records for their platform, perhaps through a control panel on their website, you can try to copy each individual DNS record from their platform, in to the DNS settings of your own Cloudflare Dashboard (e.g. where you have fiona.ns and hasslo.ns).

An alternative to that would be to contact them (“ym website”) and ask them what DNS record(s) they want you to set up, when you are using external name servers for your domain.

First, thanks much for your suggestions

“ym website” was just a typo, lol… for “My website”. The nameserver the website platform needs me to use is major. ns and dora. ns. When I point the domain to those, the website works perfectly.

I had no issues until I wanted to setup email on the same domain. I am using Namecheap, where I also bought the domain, and they have what’s called “Basic DNS” for when you’re just using their email and there’s not a website involved. Of course that also worked fine until I changed the nameservers to appease the website.

Once I did that, they require me to use Cloudflare… which is fine. So I setup all of the records (A, txt, spf etc) in Cloudflare for the email, but Cloudflare then wanted me to change to diff nameservers, the fiona. ns and hasslo. ns. Doing that turns off the website.

I had thought that setting up all of the text and other records in Cloudflare would override my needing to use a certain nameserver, but I guess not. (because now the emails won’t work)

I’m a solid 7-8 hours into this now.

Is it possible I’m correct about not needing the cloudflare alternative nameserver settings, and can use the nameserver for the website and the (a - spf - text) records for the email, but it’s not propagated, and in a few hours the email WILL work?

I’ll also contact the website hosting platform as suggested and see if they can help.

Thanks all…

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