My domains was registered in godaddy but I can't point my website into cloudflare

My domain was registered in godaddy but I can’t point my website throw cloudflare. When I try to add my website it says its not valid. Thats my website: Yes .co not .com Godaddy said they could help me if I ask you guys the cloudflare records. The nameservers and the IP address probably the (DNS). So you guys can link with godaddy. Can anybody help me this issue. Thank you.

Can you post a screenshot of the error and did you search for the error message here?

Also, your website does not load on HTTPS. You definitely have to fix this before you use Cloudflare.

yes but I didn’t see any fix

You should fix the certificate with your host first anyhow.

how?? I don’t know how Sandro

So I have to go on godaddy for that?

Yes, you do. That’s something only they can fix. Essentially your site should load fine on HTTPS before adding it to Cloudflare.

So I should ask them to fix the HTTPS and the certificate and I should be able to link my website with you guys?

Correct. Should they want to sell you a certificate, keep in mind there are free options out there. Lets Encrypt and Cloudflare Origin certificates, but they all need to go on your server.

can you give me some free otption then cause I’m lost right now

I just did, but you really need to talk to your host about that.

I noticed you managed to set up the site on Cloudflare, unfortunately you still don’t have a valid certificate on your server and also still an insecure encryption mode. As mentioned you need to fix that, configure a valid certificate, and set the encryption mode to “Full strict”.

Hi just want to tell you that it finally worked I don’t know what happen but i was working on another computer. When i came home I tried it again and it finally work it saw my website. So thank you for responding this quickly I appreciate that. thanks again.

I am afraid your setup is still insecure as I mentioned earlier.

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