I noticed on pc that my websites somehow endup redirecting to another malicious website which seems to be fishing for clicks.
or something when I disable Cloudflare everything is fine. I have atelast 3 domains and the issue seems to have affected all three.
This issue started almost a week earlier, I’ve not changed anything and have been using the same configuration almost 2 years back, my server is secure and has not been compromised.
When I disable Cloudflare the redirect is not there. The issue persists even accross different browsers.I have a number of other websites.
On mobile however everything is fine.

It sounds like your Cloudflare account has been hacked/comprimised and a redirect rule has been added, targeting Desktop User Agents.

Secure your account, and then check your Audit Log and undo any unauthorized changes.

You can find Redirect Rules on your website/zone, under Rules → Redirect Rules, or at Delete any you don’t recognize.


my Cloudflare account is ok, verified dns settings and everything is ok

Looks like you were right.
Thank you.

Just enabled 2fa which was initially off.

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