My domains keep spontaneously reverting from "dns only" to "proxied". Would you please stop this?

Dear Cloudflare:
I like my domains set to “dns only” but they keep spontaneously changing to “proxied”. Then I have to log in and change them back. Could this please stop?

This won’t be being done by Cloudflare.

Do you use Ezoic or other service that can make changes to your Cloudflare account?

You can check who/what made the changes in your audit log…


Nope. I don’t use any services at all. I use the api only to renew my cert and that comes from the inside. I guess I could check and see if it happens at the same time.

umm yea… audit log…
There is an entry yesterday with my credential! But it was definitely not me!

It might be a good time to rotate all of your API keys and make sure that you aren’t sharing any between different client services.

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