My domains do not show up in Transfer

I’ve recently added my sites to cloudflare and registered the DNS. (a .uk and a
I have one which is due for renewal in 20 days so though i could transfer it in.

Both sites show up on the home page with green ticks to show the name servers are all ok but when i go to manage or transfer my list is empty.

The sites are currently with namesco if that makes difference. I know i’ll have to pay the £10 to release the domain from them but was hoping to transfer the one which is due to expire.

Do i need to do anything on namesco to enable the domain to show?

Thank you

Cloudflare Registrar does not (currently) support .uk domains. There is no timeline for Cloudflare to support more TLDs, but ccTLD support is very limited at the moment.

Current list of registrar TLDs:

TLD Policies | Cloudflare

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