My domains appear as MOVED

Hi everybody

I’m having DNS for four domains here, but from several times when i checked their status i saw that my domains was MOVED. All of them.
I don’t know why happens, but i already checked at my registrar and there are name servers recommended by the CF.
To be more clear i attached some pictures with my situation.


Could someone help me to eliminate this problems?

Many thanks

Hi @voicu.alex,

This usually happens when the nameservers are changed away from Cloudflare or point to a different pair than those on your account.

Those domains currently point to:

Can you check if those are the nameservers specified under each of those in your account?

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Thanks for your response I already verified the regstrar nameservers for each domain. Everything seems ok. I attached the results of my investigations.

As you can see the problem seems to be in CF, because for the first domain CF does not recognize name servers updated to the registrar. Or, after a while CF is forgeting the nameservers…

Many thanks

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