My domains and payment history have disappeared

I started having problem with Cloudflare last Friday, nothing was working as expected. Then the next day I started seeing a message saying I was not authorised to use my account, and after a few hours my domains (registered with CF) disappeared alongside all my payments. I contacted support right away and they still have replied at all after two days… My domain are still active and working but I have no way to access them and modify them. My account is blank now, and the most unacceptable thing is CF support not reploying back after more than two days…

I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues. Could you please provide your support ticket number here?
We could check further then.

Here you go, #2710718

Ok, thanks, we’ll look into it.

Okay, Cloudflare support has answered now, but the person who replied didn’t even read my messages and gave me a generic answer telling me how to send a support ticket from the “correct” acacount. The bloody problem I’ve got is that I’m in the correct account WITH A DIFFERENT EMAIL, I changed the email and the account got ■■■■■■ up. Really guys, wtf?

I know it can be so frustrating in situations like this, and I’m not trying to blame you or anything.

But did you explain in your support ticket the bit about changing your email address? You certainly didn’t mention that in this support thread.

I did not mention it here, but I did clearly mention it in the support ticket.

Let’s start over, but do it here instead of the support ticket, since this seems like the only place where I can get attention and answers.

  1. My account starts acting weird and some random things happen, parts of the UI not loading or giving me login issues. At first I just ignore this as this is quite common in Cloudflare and you just need to log-out and log-in again. But this time the problems were not going away.

  2. After a while the problem seems to have paused and I resumed the tasks I wanted to perform, among them, changing the email behind the account. I did so and everything seems to be working fine until I log-out and log-in again after changing the email… everything was gone from the account and I was having a lot of “you’re not authorised” errors when navigating the UI. I could log in, but everything was blank and the error was showing over and over in different parts of the UI, like the account home and some section of the configuration, but not on other sections of the UI. I re logged several times, cleaned cache, tried different browsers, even different computers and and networks just to check even the most absurd things and nothing happened. At this point is were I contact Cloudflare.

  3. The next day the “you’re not authorised” errors stopped appearing but my account is still completely blank and Cloudflare hasn’t replied yet.

  4. Then the next day arrives and still the same, hence I complain here about not receiving any answer.

  5. Then here someone from Cloudflare decided to ask me for my ticket number in which the first message literally starts with “After changing my email”.

  6. After some hours someone replies to the support ticket with a generic answer telling me the email does not match… (read point 5)

As of now, I’ve been, locked out of my domains which I use FOR WORK for two days… I need to update records, I need to make changes and I can’t, I haven’t bene able to work for two days because of this problem and Cloudflare doesn’t even bother to reply to me and when they do they do only publicly and the support agent doesn’t even bother to properly read my ticket.


The support agent which at this point I assume is just a bot has asked me again to login with the correct email and doesn’t seem to understand that the email of the account was changed.

This is more than just frustrating… Cloudflare has lost all my trust way too fast with this incident, not because of the incident itself but because of badly it is being handled, or better said not handled at all…

Yet another update:

I have changed the account back to the original email and now it is failing just like it was failing the first day. After login it says “Authentication error” but only on some section of the UI, I’m logged in and I can access different sections of the UI, but some of them show that error, some show a different error but also auth related (code 1000).

I’ve cleaned the cache many times, I’ve used different devices and different networks. Also, this is the only Cloudflare account failing. It does not only show this error the account is also blank, my domains are gone, my payment history is one, the account is wiped blank, and once again support DOESN’T do anything.

Days keep passing and Cloudflare doesn’t even bother to reply to me, my account is unusable and I’m locked out of my paid services. I’ve decided to raise a complaint against Cloudflare before the ICANN to be able to transfer my domains to a different registrar, and depending on how things progress I might take legal actions against Cloudflare for the losses they’ve caused to me and my clients.

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