My domain was deleted and I cannot recover it

I’ve been trying on and off since October to get my domain added back to Cloudflare. I purchased the domain through Cloudflare and, like other domains I purchased, I started off with the free version until I had a specific plan on how I wanted to use it. Well, unbeknownst to me, it was deleted and then purged. I followed all of the steps to add my domain back but the direction I get are to go and update the DNS settings to Cloudflare but…Cloudflare is who I bought the site through and never changed those setting to begin with! The WHOis under the ICANN lookup shows CLOUDFLARE and that it is in a status of: " * Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited " so I am unable to do anything with it at all.

I cannot contact anyone because I didn’t “pay” for the hosting initially and no matter what I try, I cannot get it reactivated through Cloudflare because they deleted it and purged it but restricted me from transferring it - even back to Cloudflare with the other domains I’ve bought.

I don’t understand, I bought this domain through Cloudflare…I have other active domains through Cloudflare — why am I unable to get this one reactivated?

Customers on every plan type can open billing, account and registrar tickets. Sorry for the issues, we’re going to need to get Support to assist you.

Can you create an Registrar ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Registrar ticket here,

When I try to open a ticket, it leads me down a series of options that do not lead to submitting an actual ticket. This is perhaps why I thought I couldn’t get any support in the past. Apparently you have to select the right combination to get to an actual ticket submission. Thank you for the suggestion and information. I just submitted my ticket - well I think I did. I don’t have an actual ticket number or notification but it said that I did so, keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks again for the help

I don’t see a current one, there is one from a while ago but unrelated. The image you shared shows the website pending in your account, I don’t show it as ever active. Could you have purchased it in another account? It is important to contact Support from the account that holds the active domain.

If you follow the link and select registrar and keep scrolling down through the questions it will generate a ticket and number.

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Ok, I’ll try again based on your suggestion. Yeah, I only took a screen shot of when it was originally deleted and purged. I’ll grab more pictures to attach to my ticket. I uploaded this same photo in this thread and hit submit and it took me back to the original support page. If you’re not seeing the ticket then I must have done something wrong in the process. I’ll try again.

I just got a ticket number and email confirmation. I apparently did something wrong initially…thank you!