My domain without www not secured SSL

My domain ( works well and secure (SSL (Flexible)). But without www ( unsecured. is there is a solution.
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Yep, make sure the root domain ( is Cloudflare-enabled (orange cloud) and ensure your SSL level is set to flexible, full or strict. Make sure no page rules are cancelling out your SSL settings.

Thanks for your answer, but the problem my web hosting uses Cloudflare by default in the plesk12 (on / off) control. so I can not change anything in DNS parameters Cloudflare … see this image

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Page rules

It’s easier to use the SSL/TLS app to set your account to Always Use HTTPS. Maybe this will fix the problem.

As for your DNS records, since it’s controlled by a third party, there might be something you’d have to do at Silicon Oasis. Hopefully there’s something over there that determines if you’re routing through Cloudflare or not.

Hi :slight_smile: Thank you for your answer.
Always Use HTTPS [On] . I will contact Silicon Oasis. Thank you

One of the limitations of a CNAME setup is that we typically can’t protect the bare root… Technically the RFCs don’t allow for a bare root to domain to be a CNAME value.

To work around this you might ask your hosting provider to forward your to using .htaccess or another method.

The other option would be to sign the domain up with Cloudflare directly in full mode which would involve making us your DNS provider and would allow for us to protect the bare root.

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As i understand from the second point, i will try to disable Cloudflare from Plask control, and I configrue my in Cloudflare (The famous method). I hope the process will succeed
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