My domain will not go to a Canva website nor will it even do a simple redirect

I implemented the DNS setting given by Canva, and it took time but eventually started working. But now it won’t work at all and nothing I do seems to help. Of Course my DNS skills are extremely basic and limited, and Cloudflare’s backend system is very confusing. Even a simple redirect is anything but simple. So at first i was getting the the Error 1000 and now since trying to correct it, I’m getting Error 404.

I also have DNS records going to an email address through Apple. There were weeks where both were working just fine, but then the website stopped going to Canva a few days ago, yet the email address still works.

I’m honestly lost and regretting ever using Cloudflare. Any help out there…?

What is the name of the site?

What are those settings?

Where? In the cloudflare dash?

For the two A records if you click the :grey: to turn it :orange: does the redirect work?

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Whether turned on or not the redirect doesn’t work :confused:

I see the records are :orange:, can you enable the rule with the redirect?

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 5.02.54 PM

Same with the redirect, it didn’t work. I’ve turned it off and on, I’ve reset the DNS Settings, I’ve read and reread the Cloudflare procedures on both redirecting and setting up DNS. Nothing I do changes the outcome.

This community-based customer service is very inefficient. My domain still won’t go to my website and I have no way of knowing how to fix it, nor anyone from Cloudflare to help. I look forward to my 60 days ending and being able to transfer my domain elsewhere. $24 down the drain and lesson learned.

I have exactly same problem with same canva ip. How were you able to solve it?

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