My domain takes forever to propagate, no zone being created

I have a domain ( under the Spaceship registrar. I changed the nameservers of the domain to some Cloudflare ones (that I don’t own), the purpose of the domain was to donate to another website.

After changing the nameservers the domain’s propagation status slowly went up, right before the 24h mark it just fully stopped (at 47%). After 2 more days of waiting and the propagation status not going up the slightest bit, I reverted to Spaceship DNS to see how long it’ll take to propagate, I waited 2h for it to reach 84% propagation.

After seeing this time difference I changed back to the custom DNS and entered my nameservers again, the same thing happened as earlier but stopped at 53%. It’s been nearly 48h since then, and it still has not been up a bit.

I contacted Spaceship support and they directed me to here as their is “no zone” being created by my domain and for Cloudflare check it. I’m posting here since I was way to confused on how I could write this massive text on Cloudflare’s support page as all they had was “short summary of keywords” and no submit button.

Is there any way to solve this “no zone creation” issue for my domain?

FYI, the nameservers were:

Can you possibly take some screenshots and share?

  1. What exactly do you see on the front page of the Cloudflare Dashboard?

  2. If you scroll down on your DNS records page, what name servers are you assigned to?

You’re just having two links to there. :frowning:


I only see a “get started” button on those pages, the second page redirecting me to the first (dashboard page.) I don’t own the nameservers like I mentioned, and my domain is on Spaceship.

The Cloudflare nameservers set at your registrar (Spaceship) are:

They need to be changed to:

which are the 2 set for your domain.

dig +short ns
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