My domain still not secure even after configuring my server IP with the origin server certificate

Hello everyone,
IP :
Domain : shoptop-store

I have registered my domain to Cloudflare → enabled universal SSL → created origin server certificate and configured my server IP with it as .jks key

but my domain still not secure
I have checked the certificate and everything seems right to me

how can I fix that

Cloudflare Origin CA Certificates are only trusted by the Cloudflare Proxy. You need to enable Proxy ( :orange:) on your apex’s ( DNS Record for it to work.

However… either you’ve already figured this out, or you turned it on recently and you’ve just got local DNS Cache still, it looks all good from my end.

If you’re still seeing not trusted on your end, you just have to wait for your local DNS Cache to expire.


that’s great,
thank you for your help.

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