My domain shows a 521 error

so i am new to this world of domains and dns and networking so as far as diagnosing my issue im kinda lost. i did everything i was told to do like adding the new nameservers and then i know i needed to point my domain to my ip address with an A record, did that. so where i go from here i’m not quite sure.

some details: i am running a few docker containers on a PC. they are running within traefik and i have ports 80 and 443 forwarded to the IP address of that PC. i can reach those services by ip address, just not by domain name. when i go to dnschecker and type in my domain name, it is showing Cloudflare’s ip addresses and the name servers that they wanted me to switch to which i assume is a good sign. also, my domain was purchased through namecheap.

so not sure where to go to from here but if there is anything else that you need to know to help resolve this issue, just ask and i’ll respond asap, thank u

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