Hi guys, I tried pointing my nameservers to Cloudflare from Bluehost, but its been more than 72 hours, and my site is still down. It returns DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN whenever i try to access, and I do not know why… Please guide me in getting my site up ASAP and thanks in advance!

(PS: I’m really new to blogging so I don’t know a lot of technical jargon like DS, DNSSEC, etc.)

You have an incorrect DNSSEC setup.

You need to update the DNSSEC settings at your registrar with the values provided by Cloudflare on the DNS screen.

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Hmm, I see. So once I update the DNSSEC settings to match Cloudflare’s, my site should be working fine right?

Also, after I make the changes, how long does it take to propagate?

Thanks Sandro!

Yes, you need to fix the DNSSEC setup.

As for propagation, that can generally take a couple of days, depending on the resolver.

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I see, thanms Sandro. One last question: I have to turn DNSSEC off at my domain registrar and then enable it at Cloudflare once I change the values right?

Thank you!

No. You already have DNSSEC enabled on Cloudflare. You need have your Registrar delete the 3 DS records that are currently on your domain:	86400	IN	DS	20249 13 1 AD3E4D61F5ECB4F464DDE154B358B75D44728F4E	86400	IN	DS	20249 13 2 E8D71047DC552EFFC2352F3EBCF590D1C007EE3603EF589A02F7BBEC 455A43DF	86400	IN	DS	20249 13 4 F2432DBB2E8A893A2273FB281656369889F7685FB0569DF53FB1BBA3 049BAD301D4BC37C39F96F53EEEE49B26E4FB413

Once they are deleted your domain will come back to life as DNS propagates.

At the same time, you can have your Registrar insert the DS record shown on your Cloudflare dashboard.	3600	IN	DS	2371 13 2 6AB6125836ADA5C7DEE1B81C726F49A5D04DD52CABEEFA2EBDAC768A 74B1E563
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Oh i mean like because right now I still havr DNSSEC turned on from my hosting service AND at Cloudflare. Do I need to turn off the one at my hosting service or at Cloudflare or both first?

Thank you!

I don’t know what you mean by “turn off”. The issue is that you have DS records configured with your Registrar that are not correct. They need to be deleted. Once they are deleted your domain will start to become accessible. This step is essential if you want anybody to be able to access your domain.

Once you have deleted those three in valid DS records, you can add the DS record that you see on the DNS tab of your Cloudflare Dashboard. This step is not essential if you don’t care about having DNSSEC enabled for your domain.

In the current state (with invalid DS records configured with your registrar) disabling DNSSEC in Cloudflare will do nothing.

Basically, my domain registrar has the option to disable DNSSEC. So my question is do I need to turn that off first before changing the DS records?

I’m not talking about Cloudflare

It really comes down to

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