My domain redirects to another domain while accessing https URL


I have enabled ssl certificate for my domain
But when trying to access my domain name it is redirecting to a different domain

However, if I remove http it does not redirect. please help


That looks like a server configuration issue.

Which SSL mode are you using here? Is it Flexible or Full?

Does your web server have an SSL certificate for your domain?

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I have set it to Full mode


no i have recently uninstalled the certificate


That’s probably why. In Full mode, Cloudflare connects to your server with SSL, but you’ve removed the certificate on your server. So your server redirects to some other domain there that does have an SSL certificate.

Can you put your SSL certificate back on your server?


Okay, done. I just added the SSL certificate back.
But still it is redirecting to the same domain


Your page appears to be loading some mixed content. I see a warning for the following resource:

To eliminate variables, make the resource load via HTTPS. Since it’s a self-hosted resource, you can probably upgrade insecure requests, but better to simply correct the asset.

If you’re loading insecure resources and not upgrading insecure requests, full/strict SSL won’t work. It’s connecting to insecure content.


@carmi is correct. Your site is now loading over HTTPS, but with Mixed Content.


That happened to me once while I was on a bad shared hosting contract.
The problem wasn’t CF but the hosting.

Many other sites use your IP and if you’re SSL is not configured correctly, they might route to a different site that is on the same shared hosting server.

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