My domain point to my server ip adress not to DNS name how to connect it to cloudflare?

I want to use Cloudflare with their SSL.
I went to my registar to change dns names in A records to Cloudflare dns names but I forgot that my domain A records points to my server IPs. If I will change server IP to Cloudflare DNS names in A record my website will disappear.

How it should be made?

Should I change A records from my server IPs to Cloudflare DNS names at registar and then point to my server ip in Cloudflare dashboard, but where is the place in the dashboard to do this?
I add screen from my regfistar. I hide sensitive data of my ip by xx. Please Help!

Without knowing anything about your registrar that looks like your DNS settings page rather than the page where you might change your nameservers. I could be wrong, there’s no standard format, but that doesn’t look quite like what I’ve seen from most pages for changing your registar’s DNS pages.

Make sure the DNS entries you need appear on the DNS tab on Cloudflare and add any that are missing. Then once you change your nameservers, internet clients will query Cloudflare for those answers.

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