My domain on cloudflare is not SSL enabled



Hello community

i have added my domain to cloudflare with a free ssl account

it shows green on my dashboard but when i check via online server to see what SSL certificate grade is being enabled it says

Failed to communicate with the secure server

how can i tackle this issue?


Green on what dashboard? The Universal SSL Status on the Crypto page?

It’s either an SSL issue to Cloudflare, or an SSL issue to your server. What’s the domain?


Thanks for your response

I deleted it from cloudflare and added it many times

And yes dashboard means the the universal dashboard with my other domains , it shows active


It looks like that domain isn’t being being proxied by Cloudflare. You need to set it (and the www) to :orange: in the DNS settings page here.


i have recently join cloudfare some one please tell me why my ssl from cloudfare will not active on my site chinesenewyear2019 ?


Same reason as the response immediately above you. The records are not set to :orange: in the DNS control panel.


Thanks a lot
How do you do that ?


On the DNS tab, click the cloud next to the record to toggle Cloudflare on (orange cloud) or off (grey cloud).


Perfect it worked , the first 4 items needed to be turned on , usually this is done automatically so i am not sure why they were turned off


this is correct


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