My domain not working on bluehost

I am new on Cloudflare.
I have transferred from hostgator domain to Cloudflare and updated Cloudflare dns. now my hostgator account expired. and purchased bluehost. now i am trying to add domain to bluehost but not working.
bluehost have 4 options to assign domain.

  1. change dns to bluehost for example (ns1 bluehost)
  2. upload file to domain (my old hosting expired)
  3. add hosting ip to (A record (bluehost ip) and CNAME : www to domain) (but not working)
  4. add EPP code but Cloudflare will give me code after 60 days.
    any one have another solution or option please guide me

You added these DNS records in Cloudflare? If so what specifically isn’t working? What error message do you get?

There is no need for the webhost to host your nameservers typically.

Thanks for help
Trying to assign domain on bluehost they are not detecting my domain.
Asking to change dns and other options written on question.

You can’t transfer the domain for 60 days and there shouldn’t be a need to if they are just providing hosting. Create the needed records in Cloudflare’s DNS for the A record and CNAME.

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