My domain not Transfer to cloudflare

I transfer my domain to Cloudflare 4/07/2020 but 9 days pass but not transfer the domain why?

What’s the domain?

Hi @probirbiswas170, I can see the transaction in the billing area of your cloudflare dashboard but cannot see that the transfer has taken effect. I understand it can take up to 14 days to complete. Did you confirm the transfer on your godaddy account? It is close to the expiry (on 17th), let us know how it’s going.

Not Received any maill from GoDaddy. My Domain expired 17/07/2020 now what I do. Please suggest any solution.

I’d login to your godaddy account, on the domain management tab there should be an option to “approve the transfer” or something similar…It’s been a while since I’ve moved on from them. If you don’t approve it nor disapprove it, it will go through at the end of the period, if you approve it, it should transfer immediately.

I Find all over my godaddy account but not showing this type any massage “approve the transfer”.

Hmm, sorry for the difficulty, You may want to reach out to them via their online chat and ask about this transfer to see if there is any way the agent can accelerate the process. Let us know how it’s working and I’ll dig into my gd account to see if there are any I can transfer to replicate the process…

Hi @probirbiswas170, I don’t have domains in godaddy to transfer, but LMK if these instructions help,