My domain names have been suspended without giving me time to respond


On September 14th, I received the following message:


It seems they need me to verify my data, but last night they suspended all of my domains registered on Cloudflare. They didn’t even give me at least 3 days to send the requested information, and they’ve already blocked all my domains.

The websites and emails are not working. My clients need to receive important emails, but they can’t because the domains are suspended. This is seriously affecting my business.

I don’t understand why they have made this decision so quickly. I understand the need to verify registrant data, but they should give more time to respond.

Yesterday, I responded to the message by attaching an electricity bill, but so far, I haven’t received a response, and my domains are still inactive. In other words, they are quick to suspend, but they are taking their time to review what I’ve sent.

I am deeply affected by this, and my clients are very upset.

I kindly request that a moderator can expedite the review process to unlock my domains. The case number is: 15650557.

The team clarified that you were sent multiple notices which were not replied to - we’ve escalated this to the Trust & Safety team - as always, follow up will be on the case number you have been given.