My domain name won't let me access via port 844


My players have to log using a client with the config in the image, so using this as a config is a problem but changing : Dynastie" ip=“” port=“844”/> by changing ip = (ip of vps), they can log in fine but obviously i wanna hide the ip so lower risks. so obvisouly it’s not a firewall problem since i can log in fine with the vps ip but not the domain name which seems he won’t let me access the ip at port 844 but let me use the website for port 80

So i was wondering if you could help with that or tell me what to know.

I would be very grateful

for any help you could profide !

another screen :

Cloudflare proxy is only for HTTP and HTTPS traffic over specific ports - Network ports · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

You’d need to use one of them assuming your application is HTTP or WebSockets. If not, you’ll need to remove the proxy (set the record to DNS Only) which exposes the IP or look at something such as Cloudflare Spectrum.

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