My domain name is being walled. I want to understand a domain name resolution into this walled domain name. How do I do this?


I am using the free version of CloudFlare. What if I want to do this?


What do you mean by “walled”? Which domain is it?


That is, the domain name is blocked by the firewall in mainland China. I think the normal domain name resolution is going to the domain name of the wall. What should I do?


the GFW doesn’t have a global Cloudflare domain/name resolution block or anything. The Chinese government can block a domain for any reason they deem fit, and it’s almost impossible to get a domain unblocked once blocked.

Best I can say to do is contact Cloudflare for Enterprise pricing and mention the China network, but even this may not get a specific website unblocked in China…


But I have a normal domain name, can I resolve the normal domain name into the blocked domain name?


Whatever you mean with ‘normal’ domain name. You need to configure DNS the same way as you did with your blocked domain. A redirect is not enough since a request would be forwarded to the ‘walled’ name and you won’t gain access.

But as @Judge wrote the Chinese government blocks what it want to block. If the domain name was the reason to be ‘walled’ you cloud be fine with a new one.

If they blocked it because of your content it’s a question of time I guess. In case it has really been blocked and it’s not just a configuration or server issue.


One thing I am curious about though is how China handles HTTPS traffic. They can do DNS poisoning and possibly SNI scans, but with both becoming more and more encrypted (Cloudflare now with SNI) it must get increasingly difficult. What’s next? Cloudflare’s entire IP range blocked?


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