My domain name is about to expire in 5 days. Should I renew it before transferring to CF?

Hello, I have some domains on NameCheap i want to transfer them to CF. But one of them is about to expire in 5 days. Should I renew it on NameCheap before transferring to CF? Or is it okay to transfer it?

Here it says, " Renew your domain if it is within 15 days of expiration." But I couldn’t be sure.

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You answered the question in your original post.

You should adhere to that guidance for best results. Failure to do so can cause you pain that could have been easily avoided.


Hello. Thank you for your answer. I realize it will be safer if I renew it, but I have to pay extra. What I’m actually wondering is, what are the consequences if I transfer like this anyway? Is there a chance that the transfer will be successful and extra year will be added in 5 days?

Your post sounds like you are asking for someone to condone what you already know is a bad decision. I won’t do that. Even knowing that transfers normally complete in five days, the fifteen day guideline already pushes my comfort level.

How much is your time worth? If something goes wrong, you will spend hours and possibly days trying to correct it. How much is your tranquility worth? Are you willing to risk losing the domain or have it go non-operational? You ignore that guideline at your own peril.

No one can make you renew it ahead of starting the transfer. If the domain has any value to you, spend the neglible fee and renew it first. Otherwise any undesirable outcome will be entirely of your own making.


I think you are right. Better safe than sorry. Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed response.

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