My domain name directs to Godaddy or Gets Error 525: SSL handshake failed

I bought a domain name a little less than a month ago. Then transferred to the Cloudflare Registrar. All A, CNAME records are on Cloudflare and correct.
After a week, I decided to remove my old Godaddy account. So I removed my billings first. Now when I type the address in the address bar, I see a GoDaddy message, not my own site, which is a static page on Github.
I have transferred the domain. The configuration is correct. I paid the bill. Then how come GoDaddy can redirect my domain name to its own? If Cloudflare hasn’t got the DNS record all the time, then why do I pay for it?
The only way I’ve seen that Cloudflare is even attached properly is when I change the SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full. When changing it to full it pops up with the “Error 525: SSL handshake failed”.

The website address is: [](

It looks like your DNS records must still point to GoDaddy. How are you hosting the site, is it on GitHub Pages? Make sure the DNS records point there and that you remove any that go to GoDaddy.

Yes, it is configured on GitHub pages. My DNS records look like they don’t have anything from GoDaddy.

Has this definitely gone through? Whois still shows the domain as registered with GoDaddy but it does use Cloudflare nameservers.

Can you try pausing Cloudflare on the site (overview page, bottom right) and see where the site resolves to then?


Possibly not… maybe because the domain was bought less than 60 days ago. when I paused it I get this " NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID"

I see GitHub’s Pages and nothing seems to show as GoDaddy, except Registrar, but that’d need to be after the 60 days.

You need to fully configure GitHub Pages, I believe. They are not actually issuing you a certificate yet.