My domain **** has disappeared from cloudflare


My domain has disappeared from cloudflare. I need to restore all the records as they were. The domain had expired for a few days and I only managed to realize late.



If on a free account and, as a result of the expiry, the nameservers were changed away from Cloudflare for more than 7 days, the zone will have been marked “moved”, then “deleted” from Cloudflare.

You will need to add the domain back to Cloudflare again - this may change your nameservers so then you’ll have to update those at your registrar. If within another 7 days, the zone may recover the previous settings. If after that, then they will have been “purged” and you’ll need to enter everything again.

Hello sjr,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

Is there any way I can obtain the DNS records / other settings I had in cloudlfare?



If they don’t come back when you add the site back to Cloudflare, they are likely purged as mentioned above.

You could try the audit log, but not sure that it reports that level of detail when a site is removed…

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