My Domain - Issues

Now I’m absolutely over my head here, so apologies in advance for that. However this is the only way I can contact CloudFare.

I purchased a domain from Google Domains, and set up a website on Click Funnels using that domain. I’ve been trying to create a rDNS which has been creating issues for me.

Google say they don’t provide my A Records & ClickFunnels say the same.

I typed my domain in to a website and it said my host provider was Cloudfare. And I’m just very confused about it all now.

My domain is

That’s because Clickfunnels uses Cloudflare. But your DNS is controlled by Google Domains. There is nothing you can do here at Cloudflare.

Whoever is telling you that you need rDNS needs to also tell you how to do that. More importantly, why.

That makes sense, thank you.

Nobody is telling me, however I ran a DNS check on LemList (which I use to send my emails), which showed I didn’t have a reverse DNS.

I’ve been trying to set it up however I have Google Domains team telling me they can’t provide me with the A Records, it has to be my web host (clickfunnels), and I have CF telling me its nothing to do with them.

Do you have any advice on this?

This sounds like an email DNS issue, and Cloudflare definitely has nothing to do with this, as Cloudflare is not the least bit involved with your email. Best to ask LemList for help. After all, they are the ones complaining about your rDNS.

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