My domain isn't working (full)


The DNS from my domain is not working to 100% at the moment. Every DNS is complettly not reachable and the worst part is: I did not do, change or touch anything. It just happend from yesterday till tomorrow.

Anyone can help?


Make sure your server certificate is valid and in place. It probably expired yesterday.

You need to check that on your server.

Which server now?

I’ve got DNS entries on…

… web
… ts3 server
… other sub-domains as well.

All of them are not working; where can I check that?
SSL certificate? I think there’s another problem.

Your webserver. Simply make sure all certificates there are valid and renew them if the require it.


I basically just use the domain (free service) and that’s it.
And the certificate has been renewed some days ago on my web server.

But is this the reason why it does not work on ANY services? It’s not only web.
The problem is my whole domain.

Well, without knowing the domain it is a tad difficult to say anything :wink:

Well I have honestly no idea what happend to be honest.
I did nothing and it just “died”, basically… died.

All DNS are not working anymore.

What do you need to see?

yes. I don’t get it.

How should anybody be able to say anything if the most basic information is missing?

Please check out the first thread in this forum as that explains what you should do before posting and when posting.

Assuming your domain is, then it would not be on Cloudflare in the first place.

It appears it has been added at one point but the setup was not completed.

Assuming the domain identified is accurate, your DNS records are with a partner. Can you verify the domain name and share a screen grab of what you’re seeing?

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