My domain isn't showing up online! OMG please HELP!

please help! i have all the settings correct (as far as i can tell) on google domains, Cloudflare, and also Anima (a plugin used by Adobe XD, the program i used to design the website. I published it around 24 hours ago, and it’s still not up :frowning:

What’s the domain?

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hi! Thanks for your reply!!! The domain is: benjamingillette dot com

Did you have the Anima website working before using Cloudflare?

as in published and working? No. As soon as i was ready, I always just go direct to google domains and Cloudflare, and update the settings from the first step.

Did you set up the A record and CNAME record per these instructions?

I’m wondering if you should turn :orange: to :grey: or vice versa for both the A record and CNAME record and check whether it makes a difference.

yup, as far as i can see, i did. i’ll show you a screenshot now

Looks to be working:

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omg!!! it is working!!! how come it looks like your connection is secure (with the padlock icon) but mine isn’t?

There’s a setting in Cloudflare called “Always use HTTPS” which will redirect HTTP to HTTPS. You will want to turn that on.

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you guys are the FREAKING BEST, dudes!!!

omg dude! where the ■■■■ is that setting?!? to turn HTTP into HTTPS?!~?! I can’t find it [email protected]! :frowning:

it’s cool my dude, i found it! i learned a lot from this chat! it fixed all my issues! thanks!!! :smiley:

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You’re welcome!

There’s one more thing I’d recommend setting up, because having your website available on www and non-www technically means it’s two websites with the same content, which isn’t great for SEO.

I would recommend following this tutorial (skip step 1 in your case) to redirect your website to always use the www subdomain:

However, if you prefer to redirect to the non-www URL (I don’t recommend this method, especially when hosting on services like yours), then you can follow this tutorial instead:

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jesus dude, this is freaking awesome! Thank you! I will follow that first tutorial! I’m a video content creator, not a web developer or designer, so this sort of thing is WAAAAY outta my league. But you saved me bro! thank you!!!

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