My domain isn't recognizing the DNS change


I’m trying to add my domain to Cloudflare but it’s reporting that is an entry still in the DNS. I’ve gone to my registrar and confirmed that the record doesn’t exist and that my domain is only configured for Cloudflare.

This extra DNS entry is preventing the account from going beyond the Pending Nameserver Update despite it also seeing the needed Cloudflare entries.

After failing to setup DNSSEC to try and mitigate this issue, unfortunately the .to tld doesn’t support DNSSEC, so my last hope is reaching out and hoping someone might have an idea of what I could do here.

(I should note, once upon a time I did host with DigitalOcean, but the DNS hasn’t been with them for several years now, I did re-add the DNS to DigitalOcean but now it only has NS records for Cloudflare.) From my end, it doesn’t seem like there’s much I can do :sweat_smile: Any idea how to get past the Pending Nameserver Update message?

What’s the domain? is the domain

The .to registry is definitely showing the three name servers:

And here:
intoDNS: - check DNS server and mail server health

Though the WHOIS only shows the Cloudflare name servers, you’re going to have to ask your registrar to fix the issue with the .to registry.

Another thought: You wouldn’t happen to have actual NS records in your current DNS settings, would you? I don’t see anything, but that would be my second guess. I’m pretty sure it’s a registry issue. It could just take 48 hours to clear up on its own.

Okay thank you! I’ll ask them about the domain :smile:

Is this what you’re talking about with the NS records?

Name : | value: | ttl: 21600
Name : | value: | ttl: 21600

Unfortunately, Namecheap doesn’t offer much in the way of settings for Custom DNS (aside from setting the nameservers)

I’ve confirmed with Namecheap that this is apparently common with the .to registry. They’ve said they’ve contacted the respective parties to get it fixed.

Thank you for your help!

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