My domain is stuck in someone else's account and I can't change my nameservers

Hello, I have one domain registered on someone else’s cloudflare account and I cannot update the nameservers due to hosting. And now he is using the domain maliciously. I can not do anything. Is there a chance to switch the domain to my cloudflare account? The domain is mine. I’m having trouble with hosting and not changing nameserver. I can provide all the necessary evidence.


I am afraid, no. You’ll really have to change the nameservers and the moment you have done so, the control will switch over to your account. Until then that other account will control your domain and you should really make sure that your domain is never set to nameservers you do not control.

The domain is registered to me, but bad hosting says we can’t update your nameservers right now. And it’s only managed from cloudflare so I stayed.

Hosting is not necessarily tied to your domain. You might want to switch host in that case or transfer the domain altogether to another registrar, if your host is also your registrar.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned you really need to change the nameservers at your registrar’s.

I understand but I can’t change it, damn hosting…

I take it your host controls the domain. In that case I’d strongly suggest to switch host, as the given explanation is not really satisfactory.

I think they are registering with azure account and now nothing can be done nor can i transfer

There have been many such complaints before.

Yeah, then it’s best to change host.

What’s the domain?

The registrar is Wild West Domains, which is a Godaddy subsidiary. I presume that’s not your host. You could contact them directly and clarify the issue with them. But I’d really switch to another host, based on everything you explained so far.

If I delete the domain, when will it be registered again?

Don’t do that.

Really, simply transfer the domain to another registrar/host if your current host refuses to change nameservers.

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Okay then thank you very much!

You could also open a support ticket with Cloudflare, but first, that could take days to resolve, only God knows what you’d need to provide, and I’d rather doubt they would make such an exception in the first place.

All you really need to do is change the nameservers and if your host prevents you from doing so, that’s a reason to immediately change host (assuming they control that).

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enessenof, I am a Wild West Domains reseller. (Since about 2001)
I may be able to help you transfer the domain within Wild West Domains if you’re still having problems and can’t get it done on your own.

Let me know and I’ll tell you how to do it.


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Hello thank you very much.
Currently, my domain is on Wild West Domains and I cannot manage it. My hosting provider is said to be buying and selling on azure. I can’t access the domain right now, I can’t do anything. What can we do?

Where did you buy the domain? At your hosting provider? Who is that?

And why can they not change the nameservers?

Do you want to talk on Skype or telegram?
There are several questions and answers?
If not, we can do it here, it just could take longer.

Is the hosting with WWD as well as the domain purchase?
What is the name and domain of the place you bought the domain?
Did you buy the domain yourself or was it a package deal and you paid for hosting and they provided the domain?

You say “my domain is on Wild West Domains and I cannot manage it.”

  • have you managed it before?
  • how did you do that?
  • do you have a WWD PIN for support?

Also, do you have a complete backup of your site somewhere else or is it only on the hosting server?

Did you get it worked out @enessenof ?

If not, please let me know your timezone and your time of day that’s best for you, so I can try to be online around the same time as you.

  • by the way, I’m not trying to sell you anything, I’m just helping you out because I know what its like when you can’t access your domain.