My domain is still pointing to wordpress but i want it to point to the github site I created

I followed instructions for Github and Cloudfare so my domain can point to my github page. I thought I set everything up correctly but still points to my wordpress page not my github page. Is there anyway that I can fix it.

Which instructions did you follow and can you post screenshots of the changes you made?

Also your Github page does redirect to Wordpress, so that is probably the reason.

Please wait some time. It shouldn’t take longer if you have followed DNS setup correctly.

I followed instructions here is the link:

I also change the server name in github so it could point to cloudfare and I thought that would point to my github page and not wordpress.

This is the change I made in Wordpress.

Because I made the CName in my github repository and put it as I want it to not point to wordpress but to github. Is there a way I can change that.

You should probably remove the two A records and replace them with CNAMEs pointing to At the same time you need to fix your Github configuration so that it does not redirect to your Wordpress setup.

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