My domain is slow by an limit (maybe) of cloudflare


From a week I’m getting some slowness on my websites under Cloudflare proxy, I checked if the problem was of my Server provider but is not when I remove the proxy the sites load fast.

Site under proxy:

Site under proxy in the same datacenter, but work perfect:

Please someone of Cloudflare staff can help me.


i trying to use Cloudflare Zero trust, but the problem persists…

Someone can help me please

If your domain has been limited by us due to a terms of service violation you will receive an email to the super-administrator email address for the domain. Did you receive a message?

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Hi Simon,

I just received two email from Cloudflare:

  1. Message regarding performance
  2. Message regarding TOS violation

I don’t know what happened to the API calls that my services make, but I didn’t do any of the two things they wrote me, I didn’t violate any terms of service or do any illegal stuff, only thing I noticed that there was a spike in requests of about 40k twice, but I don’t know what it depended on, I have a panel called pterodactyl where wings make HTTPS calls for communicate with panel and I wouldn’t want something broke during some update and made all these requests to Cloudflare

this is insane but I don’t know the possible cause

Because is usually up to 5k a day.

What you’ll need to do is follow the instructions on the email you received to contact support so this can be reviewed.

I can contact the support with free plan?

Follow the link in the email and choose Account once you access the support page and you can contact support via this method.

The case is still opened #2624278 from 24 hours…

I still wait an answer from 4 days for a possible resolution…

Thankyou for raising - your ticket was escalated to our Trust & Safety team so it will take some time for them to review and respond.


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